Friday, June 26, 2009


On Tuesday we had a conversation like this:

Me: Have you checked your email?

Chip: No, why?

Me: There must be an email about the boat. We're getting noise on the house and the business.

It's so routine now, the regular bouts of noise, only this week it's particularly loud. We had two showings of the house scheduled this week. The first one went like this:

I prepped the house, like I always do, but instead of leaving, like I always do, I went on the boat to continue my varnishing regimen. The people came out to the dock and I struck up a conversation, which I NEVER do. I'm about as likely to strike up a conversation as Joe Biden is to hold his tongue. So, they ask me why we're selling and in telling them I mention we have our store for sale.

"Really? We're moving here from Northern Virginia and want to buy a business."

Their agent made an appointment to bring them back to see the house, because it's in their top two.

The folks that came at 11 this morning are coming back at 5 with an offer. In the meantime, our realtor called with two more appointments to show the house tomorrow.

Some business prospects from D.C. -- the ones with 30 years of wine experience -- are coming to see the business Sunday.

Last night I got an email from the guy in New England who needed to sell his Catalina 30. He asked about our nearest airport. His email was a couple of days late ....

Speak up. I can't hear you. Loud. Very loud.

--All these house showing have upset my varnishing routine. It's been almost 48 hours since I put any varnish on anything. Maybe this evening ...
--In an effort to live in the moment, I've gone to the beach three days in a row now. I saw dolphins yesterday. Loud.
--Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett died in unrelated incidents.

BREAKING NEWS: It's now 3:39. There's a new appointment to show the house at 4:00. Got that? Showing at 4. Showing and offer at 5. Showing tomorrow at 10:30. Showing tomorrow at noon.

Oh, and Michael Jackson is still dead.

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