Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Monday dawned all happy and YES, YES, YES.

I got an email from a prospective boat buyer telling me he had finally sold his boat and wants to come see Isabella.

A prospective business buyer emailed me with a few questions, because they are preparing to make an offer.

We didn't hear from any other house prospects, so at 10:30 p.m. last night, we signed on 823 dotted lines with confidence, utter joy and rum.

This morning, in celebration of having the house under contract, I flung my clothing all about the house, left celery leaves all over the kitchen counter and scoffed at the unmade bed.

Our realtor dropped by this evening to measure the downstairs bedrooms. One of the previous prospects wants to make a backup offer since we're under a contingency contract. Sheesh.

--We made a full lap of varnish: toe rails, companionway, garage and drop boards. A few more coats and I'll be DONE!
--Prepped for a photo op on the last soft spot in the deck. We're putting together a HOW TO article.

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