Wednesday, July 1, 2009


These last nine months have felt much like the beginning of the roller coaster ride, you know, where you're chugging up an almost vertical incline at a glacial pace, chk chk chk. Your heart is pounding with anticipation, and yet, you just click, click, click along SO slowly.

Today, it seems we've (please, please) rounded the crest and are just about to be off.

Several more business prospects have emerged and are progressing toward making offers. I've received more inquiries about the boat in the last two days.

Remember how I was lolling in the disarray of the house yesterday? Today I got a call at 10:30 asking if the house could be shown at 2.

--We went out bright and early for the photo shoot, only to find the sun at too harsh an angle. We'll try again another day.
--Wendy (Lily's mom) got the shingles today. Oy. I spent part of the day helping her get meds and taking care of Lily. On days like this, I'm glad we're here to help.

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