Sunday, July 19, 2009


The best antidote for wanting a bigger boat is to paint the one you have.

We spent yesterday morning sanding, wiping and taping in preparation for painting Isabella's decks. With limited tools and patience, we made it halfway through the cabin top. Sheesh. Exhausting.

The rest of the cabin top is prepped and ready for a coat when the weather breaks.

I was moving along the thin side decks sanding when I heard a loud plop in the water. I looked down to see concentric rings where my cell phone had just passed. Perhaps it's time to rethink our cell phone service ...

We stopped by to see our new apartment yesterday. Amusingly it's located on a beach access called Atlantic. Atlantic beach access. Yes.

We're calling the apartment Camp III. We're on the treacherous Lhotse Face and still have the South Col to go.

I know, we're living at sea level and trying to get on the water, not the top of the world. It's a metaphor. Play along.

--Spent a lovely night at the Bayliss' over in Mann's Harbor and saw the purple martins flying in to roost under the Manteo bridge. Beautiful sight. Fun evening. Good friends.
--Showed the boat to another prospect today.
--Have another business prospect in town this week.
--Got the key to Camp 3 today!

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