Thursday, July 16, 2009


Most people would totally chuck the last box of doodads into the dumpster and hit the road, er, canal. Call me green or a bit sentimental, whatever, I just can't do it. After an entire year of paring down our belongings, we're left with a bunch of ramshackle trinkets (aka junk) that are worth absolutely zilch dollarwise, but, if I say so myself, are really cool.

As birthdays and weddings have passed, we've handed out our "Velveteen Rabbit" gifts, well worn and well loved, pottery bowls and paintings, glassware and jewelry, all wrapped up with our happy juju. We're lucky to have friends who value them or at least wait until we leave to toss them in the dustbin.

Now with 12 days to go before we move, I HAVE to deal with the last small box of totally random tidbits that I don't want to give to charity, can't burden my friends with... or can I? What if they actually WANTED them?

To find out, I started posting each item of flotsam on Facebook, free to the first respondent.

My first shopper was Kathy Soulia, a former co-worker from, who now lives in Vermont. She snagged that beautiful little painting at the top and sent me this note:

"I am so glad to have a little piece of you! I will keep it forever and it will remind me of your spirit. Remember you have a friend in you travel."

My little treasures are restringing the web of friendship all across the country, Vermont, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico. One little tug at each end, and there's a connection, a face, a memory, a smile.

This is so amazing, I might start giving away the stuff I wanted to keep!

--Finished the last soft spot and took photos. We're going to write an article: "How to Fill a Soft Spot and Other Breathtaking Tasks."
--Updated Isabella's blog with some new photos
--We got appraised yesterday and passed our home inspection today!
--Found a home for all our scrap teak. I cannot divulge the recipient lest his wife find out ...

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