Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Just as everything begins to come together, I can begin to take things apart.

We signed the backup offer on the house this morning. So now, the contingent buyer has to either remove the contingency or nullify the contract. What's this mean for us? The house is a done deal (mostly)! So, after nine months, no more staging. No more showings. No more making the bed. No more boiling spices to make the house smell, um, spicy.

Our current closing date is July 28th, three weeks from today, so I've started disassembling the place, preparing to move. As I survey what's left, I find we have almost nothing. YAY. The store room downstairs might be the hardest part, but we're going to store the tools in one of our cars. I'm selectively giving away all my favorite belongings. It makes me so happy to pass them along to good homes.

The quest for a place to stay begins in earnest ..... On an odd note, other people seem more concerned about where we'll live than we do.

"Where will you live now?" they ask, slight panic in their voices. Maybe they're worried we'll be showing up on their doorstep three weeks from today. Be afraid.

--Got another coat of 3-part varnish on the garage and drop boards.
--Cleaned out the interior of the boat.
--Finished the plugs on the teak screen.
--One of our biz prospects called to say they are proceeding with preparing an offer.
--Another biz prospect submitted their financial info.
--A broker in Oriental (NC) called to ask if we would like to list the boat. It wasn't one of those speculative calls. There had been a Downeast 32, just like Isabella, in their yard for work and so many people asked about it, he sought us out.
--Michael Jackson's funeral today. A sad life. A sad death.


GW said...

Congratulations you guys! 1 down, 2 to go. You're closer to a sharing an anchorage with Jan an I somewhere where the water is very clear!

tammy kennon said...

Thanks! It's finally coming together. Hope you guys are well.