Saturday, July 25, 2009


As we were loading the cars to move today, my cell phone rang. It was our neighbor Ruth.

"You need some help? You can't move in that little white car! I've got a truck!"

It took a while, but I explained to her that as much as we appreciated the offer, we really didn't have much stuff to move.

"I can come on over with the truck. You can't move in a little car!"

Yes, we can.

My estimate about one load of furniture plus two carloads was a little short, but not by much.

We're in. Our little apartment by the beach.

DEEP SADNESS: My heart is so heavy today, I can barely type. My friend Linton Weeks and his wife Jan lost their two sons, Holt, 20, and Stone, 24, in a tragic car accident Thursday night. I hope that all our outstretched hands can lift even one small ounce of their immense grief.

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