Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Finally, the day we've been waiting for. The end of our countdown to the house closing.

We're out. It's official.

At 8:00 this morning, we moved Isabella to her new temporary slip. I rarely get to see her underway, and as I waited on the new dock, she rounded the bend and took my breath away. I know she's my boat, which clouds my judgment a bit, but I have to say, she does look beautiful, doesn't she? (Photo credit: Jim Breshears, who also put on that spring line for us. THANKS!)

With Isabella safely tucked away, I finalized the last few details at the house: Deke removed the platform bed from Dylan's room; I threw the last bits of junk in the car, loaded the last of the trash and rolled it out to the street.

With the house now finally empty and clean, I handed over the keys.

Chip and I met at our lawyer's office to sign paperwork. The last remaining chore would be to pick up our check in the afternoon.

The call came, but there was no check. A minor detail delayed the closing until tomorrow.

COUNTDOWN: 1 day to house closing.

Call off the celebration.

--Found a home for more than half of our leftover paints -- a huge relief to green souls.

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