Thursday, July 23, 2009


Yesterday an American Express representative called Chip to ask if he wanted a credit card. He said no.

The conversation went something like this:

AMEX: "We're doing a survey. Can you tell me why not?"

CHIP: "It's a long story."

AMEX: "Are you having financial issues?"

CHIP: "No."

AMEX: "Credit problems?"

CHIP: "I'm in the process of selling all my belongings and moving onto a sailboat."


AMEX: "Umm ... uh ... Okay, bye."


A woman, Erin and her two-year-old son Toby came to look at our dresser. Our conversation went like this:

ERIN: "What kind of boat is that?"

TAMMY: "A Downeast."

ERIN: "We have a Westsail."

TAMMY: "No fucking way!" (Okay, I just thought that.) "REALLY? We almost got a Westsail!"

ERIN: "We live on it in Manteo."

TAMMY: "You're freakin' kidding me!" (I thought) "REALLY?"

I would have been less surprised if she told me she lived in a shoebox.

She is moving into a townhouse until they go cruising again in a few years, which is why she bought some of our furniture. It's going to a kindred home.

--Transferred phone to new apartment.
--Puzzling over mail. Will forward it to wine shop but trying to get off mailing lists.
--FINISHED cds. 1909 items in iTunes.
--Sold that IKEA chair, the dresser, table, hamper ....

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Lee said...

Hi Tammy! Love the random conversations. There probably wasn't a box to check on the survey that said selling all of your belongings and moving onto a sailboat.