Monday, July 13, 2009


Chip's birthday was July 3rd, typically our busiest day of the year at the wine shop, and therefore a lousy time to "celebrate." We had a reenactment yesterday.

We started the day at Wendy's attempting to bake a cake that, in retrospect, apparently requires advanced pastry chef training to execute. It was a Genoise Classique cake with a pina colada variation on the syrup and frosting. Holy cow. The "Classique" recipe was three pages long, filled with challenging maneuvers requiring advanced equipment and a hammer and nails. Really.

My favorite moment was while the cake was in the oven. The recipe said the cake can fall easily so don't even open the oven door. We were all tiptoeing around whispering until we got distracted by trying to open a fresh coconut, eventually culminating with Chip pounding it with a hammer -- right next to the stove. Strangely, the cake turned out fine.

Casey, Dylan and Brett cooked dinner at our house, and we all gathered around the miracle cake to sing. Lily, as you can see, was shocked and amazed by the whole thing. When Chip blew out the candles, she started screaming like we'd lit her.

The cards were opened. The cake was eaten.

We all agreed. That cake was not worth the effort. Genoise Classique. Ooh la la.

Happy Birthday nonetheless, Chip. I promise, the next one will be on the water.

--More boat and business inquiries
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