Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Don't fall into that shiny garage. We put it on the boat today -- F I N A L L Y. I'm done. The hardware is on. We'll attach it once we paint the deck.

The drop boards have fallen victim to yet another varnish disaster. How many is that? I've lost track. Today's version looked like @*#(&$# sandpaper. #$*&#$ varnish. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate varnish? Our newest theory is that the three-part varnish is corroding my paintbrush or the acetone. !#&$&. I'll use a disposable badger hair brush tomorrow. Keep your eyes crossed.

Remember that contingency contract on our house? And the backup offer? Well, the contingency lady has decided to drop the contingency and proceed with closing. That means we have a final, final closing date of July 28. Speaking of keeping things crossed.

Also today, we had another business prospect pop up.

--Garage: finished
--Drop boards: one more coat IF it's a good one

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