Saturday, July 18, 2009


We've been putting off painting the decks on Isabella, just as we put off doing the toe rails, fixing the soft spots, hooking up the propane, fixing the wiring. Everything seems daunting until we actually tackle it.

"Hard things get easier," our neighbor Jerry Cook told us today, quoting a longtime sailor.

It's so true. As we think about all the projects we've completed while getting Isabella into shape, most of them were intimidating, so much so that we put them off, sometimes indefinitely.

Today we painted the spots on the deck that Chip repaired. He sanded and prepped; I painted. It was so easy, almost fun.

Every time we take on a new boat project we gain knowledge and confidence, often from abject failure but aren't those the best lessons? They are the ones we remember. Think of all those varnish lessons.


The decks are starting to glow. Photos soon.

--Painted the soft spot patches
--Cleared a few things out of the downstairs storeroom
--Cashed in Chip's stash of change. Over $300
--Commenced boat shopping online. Since we started boat shopping a year ago, prices have dropped 35-40% -- and that's the asking price. We're looking forward to a road trip once the business sells.

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