Sunday, March 8, 2009


Mission accomplished! With several fits and starts, I tackled both the machine and the zipper. Admittedly there are some spots that are a bit, shall we say, Frankensteinian, but I'll guarantee, that zipper will stay put.

Part of this exercise was to try out the machine since I would like to have one on the boat. That two-hour zipper installation would have cost us a lot of money had we hired a professional, money we won't want to spare when we're cruising. The sail cover itself is just two big pieces of fabric held together with a zipper -- simple enough to craft on my own with the right equipment. Between sail repairs and making our own covers, we should be able to save hundreds of dollars and be more self sufficient. If I perfect my skills, I might be able to get some work on the side. One thing's for sure: we'll be around lots of other sailboats.

We started the Eating Down the Fridge Challenge today, a project by Kim O'Donnell, food blogger for Her idea is to take a week off from food shopping and use up what's in the fridge, freezer and kitchen cabinets. Since cooking is not my forte, I enlisted the help of my friend, Chef Rob Mitchell, since on the first night I'm having dinner guests! While it's a challenge to throw a dinner party without shopping, it also takes a lot of pressure off by giving me a perfect excuse if the meal sucks.

I'll report back -- and about the guests. THE BEAGLES ARE COMING! THE BEAGLES ARE COMING!

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