Monday, March 2, 2009


A long time ago, when I named this blog, I thought 'plodding' was cute and funny. In fact, I was concentrated much more on the 'paradise' and less on the 'plodding.' It made a good alliteration.

plodintransitive verb
1: to work laboriously and monotonously : drudge
2 a: to walk heavily or slowly : trudge b: to proceed slowly or tediously [the movie just plods along]
transitive verb
: to tread slowly or heavily along

Boy, this movie plods along too. If you start at the beginning seven months ago, it reads less like plodding. It's all happy and cheerful. Somehow, I think I imagined we might be living on a boat by March 1. Was that naivete? Over-enthusiasm? Wishful thinking?

The one major factor that we couldn't foresee was the unexpected economic 'downturn.' Yeah, that plane that landed in the Hudson a few weeks ago had a little unexpected downturn too. Obama has crash-landed this near-fatal economy in the river. We're all standing on the wings with ice water creeping up our ankles while he runs around desperately hailing life boats.

"Oh, no, after you! You need to get to Charlotte. Paradise can wait!"

All things considered, though? I wish I'd used a lighter hand with the blog name. 'scampering' or even 'prancing to paradise' Sounds so much more fun.

--Spoke to a lawyer this morning about handling business sale and some owner financing. Very encouraging.
--Working on marketing ideas for business, boat and house
--Listed boat on

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