Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We're always looking for ways to stoke the cruising kitty while we're living onboard. Some of our ideas are thoughtful, stable and sane. Others are not. Take this one: selling drinks on the beach using a bicycle powered blender, made in Berkeley, California (where else?).

It's okay to laugh. We're laughing too. But we have the bike already. We would only need the accessory kit. And can't you just see it? We wash up on remote tropical isles in our dinghy, unfurl the beach umbrella, don our grass skirts, unfold the folding bike, attach the blender and off we go, peddling pedaled drinks, cranking for cruising bucks. For the generation weaned on Gilligan's Island, the allure is very nearly irresistible.

Of course, we might also end up in some remote, malaria-ridden hoosegow for trafficking hooch without a license. There is that.

But still .....

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