Sunday, March 22, 2009


Sign up today for "free" organ donor points! Earn up to 500 points for small organs, 1000 for large ones! Special incision incentives available! Double points on Mondays!

Gold Star
Organ Donation Member since 1971

Donation history:
1972 Tonsils and adenoids 1000 points
2006 Kidney 1000 points plus 500 incision incentive points
2009 Ovary 1000 points DOUBLE MONDAY = 2000 points*

*incision incentive points TBD

I report to the hospital tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. to have an ovary removed. At least it's laparoscopic, if I'm lucky. If not, they'll have to make a small incision.

The next two weeks I'll have plenty of time to blog but nothing to blog about!

--The zipper pulls for the bimini arrived, but I ordered the wrong size.
--Chip did some sprucing up on the boat, marked the lazy jacks, ran the engine, sanded some wooden blocks. What else? He'll remind me.
--Putting up a website for selling the business. Trying to decide how transparent to make this.
--The listing on the house expired. Just got it back on the market yesterday. Tis the season for real estate, or so they say.
--Giving our first set of numbers to a potential business buyer tomorrow.
--Getting together all the numbers and promotional material so we can advertise the business online

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