Thursday, March 12, 2009


Our week without grocery shopping gets more challenging as the days go by, but Chef Rob Mitchell came through for me again! I sent him the entire inventory of my kitchen, and he suggested this dish. Braising the cabbage leaves makes them soft and easy to manipulate. The leaves hold in all the moisture from the meat. FIVE STARS!

Cabbage leaves
Ground Beef
Cooked Rice
Chopped Onion
Sauce or soup

Blanch the cabbage leaves in water until tender, then strain. Make a nice mixture of beef, rice, onion, egg little curry spice. Mix it all together, and put into leaf and fold up into a little pouch. Place in roasting pan and cover with sauce. Simmer till meat is done inside 165F. Serve with crumbled feta.

The meat mixture was a good opportunity to do a little fridge cleanup. I found some limp scallions and a handful of grape tomatoes that I threw in. I didn't want to use tomato sauce, so I subsittuted some curry lentil soup I had in the pantry -- added a little to the meat as well. The combination of curried meat, curry lentil sauce and feta was awesome.

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