Monday, March 9, 2009


As Chip and I move closer to realizing our cruising lifestyle, we find fewer and fewer people who grasp or understand our adventuresome spirit, our minimalist approach or our desire to ramble.

Last night we got a chance to hang out with kindred spirits when the Fred and Hank Mark America tour passed through the Outer Banks. Fred and Hank are two beagles (yeah, the pictures) who are on a road trip with two humans, Jim and Joan Brady. Except for the fact that the humans can't sleep and cook in the car, the Brady's and beagles are doing on land what we plan to do on the water. It was fun to hash over the philosophy of minimalism, the odd questions and comments from people, the joy and efficiency of having all you need in the world contained in a small space. It was an awesome change from blank stares and left-field questions.

This morning, we took Fred and Hank on a beach walk while Jim and Joan blogged at the hotel. We are obviously dog photo amateurs. I love how this picture of me and the beagles captures the action of trying to set up a good shot. I have all new respect for my hero Joan and her photography -- and her dog-wrangling skills!

It was with great joy and a little wistfulness that we waved them on their way this afternoon, miles and months ahead of us in their travels.

--Got the sail cover back in place on the boat
--Put the teak garage over the hatch for some publicity shots
--Loaded my new software called Printfolio. Having used Quark for layout, I was prepared to be underwhelmed by $80 software. On the contrary, I kind of like it -- so far.

Just because I want to, here's a picture of me and my friend Jim, taken by Joan, of course:

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