Monday, March 9, 2009


Stuffed Chicken Breast over Lentils and Spinach
by Chef Rob Mitchell

4 chicken breasts
A few dried plums (a.k.a. prunes)
Goat Cheese

Cook the lentils ahead and warm them at serving time. They can be seasoned up with half an onion thinly sliced and caramelized.
Chop prunes and soak in Port, Madeira or whatever you have to soften and make them yummy. Mix them with chopped, toasted walnuts and a little goat cheese and set aside. Slice the chicken breasts down the side lengthwise, so it folds open to stuff. Stuff the breasts with the filling enough that the breasts will still close. Season the outside of the breasts with salt and pepper. Heat olive oil in a large, oven-safe skillet and sear off breasts, first the top then flip over and put the pan right in the oven (350 degrees) until the breasts are done (above 140 degrees). While the chicken is cooking saute spinach with chopped garlic. To serve, place the warmed lentil mixture on the plate then the sauteed spinach on top of that then the chicken on top of that. Drizzle a little bit of yogurt sour cream on top if you like.

This was so delicious and relatively easy to make for guests since a lot of the prep could be done before showtime. Rob's easy instructions and lack of measured ingredients made me feel all chef-like! The lentils could easily be swapped with other starches, rice or couscous. I used frozen spinach because of the Eating Down the Fridge Challenge and was surprised to find it tasted so good.


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Your sweet potato lentil soup was the bomb dig ity

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