Friday, August 1, 2008


About three months ago we each independently looked in the mirror and thought, "hmmm, this ain't gonna float."

Everywhere we look there's somewhere we need to trim down our lives. Getting down to cruising weight is a multi-faceted project; extra body weight is just one more thing on the list.

I've never been -- by anyone's measure -- fat, but without noticing, I had matched the highest weight of my life, and it was not optimally arranged, if you know what I mean. If I were a piece of clay a sculptor could have trimmed me up in short order, but alas I am flabby flesh and little-used muscle -- apparently shlepping around cases of wine and beer doesn't get the job done.

We know we'll be active when we're living onboard. The way of life will keep us moving. Getting from one port to the next involves sailing activity. When we're in port, sans car, we'll be biking and walking on a daily basis, snorkeling, swimming, rowing. All good, but we want to start strong and trim.

We also want to carry healthy eating habits aboard. We've had a running debate about what "healthy eating" means. That argument is in its 11th year, but we've recently discovered the South Beach Diet. We can both agree: this is a healthy diet.

We've dropped sugar and most carbs from our diet and a lot of pounds off our bodies. We eat lean meats, lots of veggies. We're never hungry, don't have cravings, and we've completely eliminated processed foods.

No more worrying about finding Cocoa Puffs in Hopetown.

--more photos
--cleaned Isabella's engine room
--pumped out bilge and added bilge cleaner
--a brick walkway under the house
--another clear drawer in the downstairs dresser
--sold my office chair on Ebay! now add "ship chair" to TO DO list

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