Sunday, August 10, 2008


What will we do if we don't like cruising?
What will we do if we don't like each other?
... if I get scared?
... if I don't have enough sailing experience?
... if we don't get the right boat?
... if we don't like the boat?
... if we don't have enough money?
... if we're not comfortable living on the boat?
... if the boat sinks?
... if a giant sea squid comes out of the deep and starts screaming at us in Sanskrit?
... if we run aground on an uncharted island with Amelia Earhart and Tom Hanks?

One time my friend Beth and I were setting out on a road trip across the country. Our loosely cobbled plan was to meander from Texas to North Carolina and spend the winter living at the beach.

As we were leaving Austin, she went into a meltdown.

"What will we do if we can't find a place to live? What will we do if we run out of money? What will we do if everything goes wrong? What'll we do?" her voice getting more panicky with each what if.

I turned to her and said, "um, something else?"

It's always good to have a backup plan.

--another round of sanding on the toe rails
--came to the realization that we have to bleach all the teak
--sold two more things on Ebay -- and they're very small. YAY.
--glued the couch back together after a summer of teenagers
--cleaned out the cockpit locker on Isabella

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