Monday, August 4, 2008


Boat designers are by turns truly brilliant and profoundly annoying. Take eyebrows. Please.

Every boat we're looking at -- including the one we own -- has a decorative eyebrow. That's a tiny strip of teak running around the outside perimeter of the cabin.

In general I'm opposed to putting unnecessary holes in boats. That doesn't seem at all profound to me, but every day smart people drill dozens of holes into the fiberglass to attach those pencil-thin strips of wood, all for appearance. The eyebrow serves no purpose other than to exude charm.

I was on a screed about eyebrows to Eddie, the broker who was showing us the IP38 last week.

"Why do they have to put these eyebrows on here? I don't want to spend my cruising years varnishing teak!"

Eddie: "Well, idle hands are the devil's playthings ..."

Me: "Yeah? The devil invented teak."

Eddie: "Or at least the varnish!"

I'm not totally immune to charm. In fact if you haven't had the full-body treatment of sweat and teak dust, that shiny wood can really lure you in. I was totally entranced by Isabella's teak butterfly hatch -- that is, until I refinished it. A conservative estimate for that job: 48 grueling hours. Sure, it looked unbelievably beautiful. I did not.

Fool me once.

I've learned a lot of lessons from Isabella, and one of them is surely this: keep the charm below decks.

Enough already with the eyebrows. Pluck them.

--listed my green Doc Martens on Ebay
--listed my princess jewelry on Ebay
--found a home for our original artwork until Casey wants it
--sold the living room bureau pending the sale of the house

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