Thursday, August 28, 2008


We realized recently that once we sell the store, we'll be on a fixed income for a while. (Yeah, we're a little slow.) It's time to start buying some of the expensive things we'll be needing for our new life. things such as cameras, a laptop, another iPod, foul weather gear, folding bikes, etc. (I have to use "such as" because I'm an editor. Bear with me.)

Let the shopping begin. Make that, let the research begin. We have to figure out the best buys in all these categories. The shopping list:

--wet suits
--snorkel gear
--folding bikes
--first aid kit
--life raft
--foul weather gear
--life jackets
--fishing gear

--finished sanding the garage and got the first coat of sealer done
--cleaned and setup the downstairs bath
--untaped the boat -- photos coming soon
--sold my Doc Marten boots on Ebay! $91 -- weird
--put fuel in the boat in preparation for getting tank/fuel cleaned

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