Monday, August 11, 2008


Boy, last week, we couldn't get a thing going, not one damn thing. It was a stalemate from beginning to the bitter end. Saturday night i thought nothing would ever go right again.

When you're out on the water, sometimes the wind shifts or the sails aren't set just right, and you slog along, heavy and sluggish, like wading in thigh-high water. Then you hank in the jib or let out the main just so and the sails snap into shape, the boat rises up out of the water, the wheel locks in, and you just fly, you, the boat and the wind all as one piece.

Sunday turned like that. $200 worth of stuff sold on Ebay -- including my lucky green Doc Martens! They went to Chicago. My princess jewelry went to Austria (!). Today that damnable chair started en route to Indiana after only one more glitch when the post office said it was too big to ship. Did I want to repack it? AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH. UPS took it for only $9 more than I had collected for shipping. They had no idea how much I would have paid.

Twenty more CDs on the laptop, a plan for transporting the wood under the house to the dump, more photos in albums, a teak plan for tomorrow, it's all coming together. And perhaps most exciting of all: we opened a savings account today for our cruising pennies, straight from Ebay into savings. We've covered more ground than all of last week.

Crazy days. Sometimes I can almost taste the salt water.

--swapped out speakers between the home stereo and the store so we can sell the home system on ebay
--sold my stained glass window at the wine shop!
--shipped the damn chair to Indiana and the shoes to Chicago
--more CDs on laptop. better look back at the TO DO list. i forgot to keep up on this one ....
--opened our cruising savings account -- very exciting
--made preparations to do a teak attack tomorrow -- first round of sanding with 40 grit. That shit looks like a shingle! I could break out of prison with that stuff.

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