Thursday, August 14, 2008


My muscles ache. My back hurts. My skin is dry. My hands are peeling.

I guess a fairy godmother wouldn't be so captivating if we had our own magic. And don't I long for a magic wand to spin out a car for Dylan, to bestow perfect health on my friend Sparky, to instantly make the toe rails perfect and shiny, to whisk the store away, to conjure a pile of money for my friend Dan, to sell the house. Oh well, I'd probably burn it out the first day anyway.

Instead, in real, waking life, I keep plodding. Eight straight hours today sanding the toe rails, taping, wiping, varnishing. I don't know how I'm even typing. Five more coats and then I can do the other half. This will be one of the biggest things off our list. We've been dreading it for a while. A few more boat projects, and we can get the boat on the market.

Dylan left for school today, leaving a sad, lonely room. Dylan's friend Brett leaves tomorrow, the last one to go.

How many times have I said, "Once the kids are back at school, we'll ...."

Maybe i'll check Ebay for that magic wand.

--finally got to use some varnish. half/half solution on port side toe rail and v-berth hatch.
--lots more CDs on the laptop

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