Wednesday, August 6, 2008


"Were you waiting for me to clean the grill?" Chip asked.

"I thought you were cleaning it. I cooked."

"I cleaned it the last three times I cooked."

I rolled my eyes. He hates it when I roll my eyes. I hate it when he keeps track of who did what. It got ugly.

We unearthed the whole thing again later until it escalated into cheap shots and door slamming.

My friend Dan thinks our sailing blog should be titled, "Who will survive?" He's not only convinced that two people on a small boat will resort to murder, but he thinks it would hold the attention of the reader to know someone will die at the end.

But surely life at sea won't be this stressful. (Remind me later that I said this.) When I think about all we're trying to accomplish, I wonder that we don't resort to more than door slamming.

Any one of the things on our list would probably make me edgy. Chip says it's like having four jobs.

Job one: fix up the house to sell.
Job two: fix up the boat to sell
Job three: run a thriving business with five employees
Job four: find a boat and prepare to live aboard

I would add job five: plan a beer festival

One of the stressful things about those jobs is which one will we get fired from first? For instance, if the house sells before anything else, what the heck do we do then? That would mean getting rid of the last household belongings that were kept only to sell the house, find a place to live, move, find a place to keep Isabella, all while running the business. Technically we could live on the boat and still keep the land life operating, but that's difficult, especially since isabella has no heating or cooling. Definitely, the house selling first would be the hardest scenario, but one we could manage -- somehow.

What if the business sells first? Do we pay off the mortgage? Do we rent the house and leave? Getting on the water as soon as possible will be the most economic option. Land ties are expensive: cars, gas, car insurance, house payments, mortgage insurance, taxes, utilities, etc.

Another insightful friend told me those are high class problems. Yeah, and I'm a high class whiner.

Oh, yeah?



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