Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Sometimes I'm so stupid I surprise even myself. I'm studying to get a ham radio license. The first step is to learn all the phonetic alphabet, you know, alpha, bravo, charlie.

So, I'm thinking (loosely speaking): "There must be an easy brain exercise to learn these. How about an acronym?"

I actually thought that.

alpha bravo charlie delta echo foxtrot golf hotel india
juliet kilo lima mike november oscar papa
quebec romeo sierra tango uniform
victor whiskey x-ray
yankee zulu

Moving on to less cerebral pursuits, I got the sealer coat on the starboard toe rail today. We're sealed! The photo gives some of the taping nightmare as well.

--getting 'varnish toe rails' off the TO DO list one letter at a time. we're at about 'varnish toe r'
--first round of sanding on the garage
--further patching of sheetrock in Casey's room
--touched up paint in living room and bedroom
--initial clearing and 'staging' of living room for selling the house

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