Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I spent four hours on the boat today. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? The sun, the water, the sand. Actually the closest I got to sand was the kind glued to paper.

Four straight hours of sanding toe rails -- and that was just one round, halfway. It was a sunny day, so I sprayed down with sunscreen, then sanded and sweated and sanded. I was a walking teak-dust monster by the end of four hours. I felt like I'd been basted, dredged and baked until well done.

Then it was shower, dress and hurry off to the store for a 6-hour shift. I'm REALLY done now. I'm almost too tired to type.

Thursday is two more laps with two more grits and then tape, wipe and seal. Then I can put on another coat of varnish every 12 hours. As many times as I can stand. Then start on the other side.

I guess they wouldn't call them dreams if they were easy to achieve.

--first round of sanding on half the boat.
--eight more CDs on laptop
--made up our own teak cleaner: 1 part laundry detergent/1 part bleach/some tsp

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