Sunday, August 24, 2008


We keep inviting people to come peer into this precipice and commiserate with us. The only ones who approach just see how cool it is at the bottom and not how damned hard it is to get there.

We're not pioneers by any stretch. Many have gone before us, sold everything and moved onto boats.

Alas, we know none of them.

So we fumble along, just the two of us, slogging through all these huge life changes without anyone to talk to about it. We grapple with the decisions in an echo chamber.

And so it goes. Plodding along toward the water. Just the two of us.

--retaped the port side and varnished, coat four, on the toe rails all the way around.
--sanded the garage (teak cover for the main companionway hatch) with 40-grit and then 60. boy, was that a mess.
--finished removing the eyebrow and got it ready to paint
--varnished another coat on the dorade box
--scrubbed the hand rail canvas covers, hatch cover
--bleached and scrubbed the coach roof
--sanded the cockpit locker

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